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FAQ for Booking and Payment Guidelines

How can I book a Van?

                         You can book a van easily through PHBus. The first step is to fill out the quote request form. Within 1 business day, you will receive a quotation. If you like the quote you can easily reserve online to secure the price. You will be sent an invoice with the downpayment.

What is included in the quoted price?

  Please view including and excluding section on your quote.

You should find all information regarding driver’s meals, driver's accommodation, parking fees, parking permits, tool fees, insurance on board, and taxes. Therefore you should have no surprises. Simple and straight-forward, no hidden costs! We want to be completely transparent about the costs of your trip

How can I make a booking if I like the price quote?

You can book a van via PHBus. Within 1 business day, your customer service agent will send you a custom quote for your trip. If you like the quote you can easily reserve the bus online.  You will be sent an invoice with the downpayment that you can settle to secure the price.

I requested a quote but now want to change my itinerary?

Sure, no problem! Itineraries often change when traveling with a larger group. Via the link to your personal quote, you can request a new offer by sending us a message.

How and when can I pay?

When you are ready to confirm your booking, please click on ‘’confirm booking’’ to receive an invoice. You will be requested to make a downpayment of 50% to reserve the van. The rest will be requested a day before departure.


You will receive the bank details and payment instructions on the invoice. We do not accept Credit Card but only bank transfers as of this moment.

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